India’s Real Cheapest Smartphone already delivered to customers – First Look of APlus Prime

India’s Real Cheapest Smartphone already delivered to customers – First Look of APlus Prime 

Belagavi: Well, it’s finally happened. Ahmadabad-based APlus Technologies (Harvi Industries) has already started dispatching the real cheapest Smartphone of India APlus Prime at just Rs 768.

aplus mobile

In the segment of cheapest Smartphone’s several companies have entered & already tested their luck but till now not a single company has delivered their promise, But APlus Prime has entered the market silently without making any hype unlike of other companies and even started delivering their Smartphone’s at Just Rs 768. APlus Prime has proved the Indian Proverb (Jo Garajte hai vo baraste nahi) “Those who thunder don’t pour”.

As per the company CEO Mr Abhinav R the company will be selling its Smartphone’s at no profit no loss basis. He, however, insisted that he plans to generate overall profit on bulk orders

The company claimed that it has 1 lakh APlus Prime units ready to ship. Users can get their hands on the real-budget Smartphone via first come first serve basis through their website . Here’s our initial impressions of APlus Prime.

Design and Display

To start with, we are glad to see that the new and final version of the APlus Prime is nowhere close to what we saw back in month of May 2016. That cheap iPhone 5-like design has finally been waved goodbye to in favour of a much sleeker and unique build.

aplus phones

As you can see from the images, the APlus Prime now has a textured plastic back panel, comes in Pink and Black colour variants, has a different placement of rear camera, and features three navigation keys similar to what we see on a typical Android handset. Back Panel is removable and as a token of gift they are providing flip cover also along with handset to lucky customers.

Aplus phone

It is compact, offers firm grip, is definitely slimmer. The micro-USB charging port and headphone jack stays on top, while the power button and the volume buttons sit on right and left side respectively. Above the display you have a speaker and a front-facing camera.

Performance and Camera

It might be too early to judge the smartphone’s overall performance and how it handles different apps over time. The APlus Prime is powered by an unspecified 1.3GHz quad-core processor, clubbed with 1GB RAM, which is appreciable given that there are handsets costing more than Rs 768 and feature a lower 512MB RAM.

Aplus Technologies CEO says that the smartphone includes pre-installed applications but did not specify which ones. We are pleased to see that the apps now have new icons instead of those iOS app copies on the prototype model. The Android 4.4.2 -based APlus Prime runs near stock OS.

Moving on to the storage, as mentioned previously, the smartphone houses 4GB inbuilt storage, which can be expanded via a micro SD card of up to 32GB. As for connectivity, it would support  Wi-Fi, hotspot, Bluetooth, as well as 3G connectivity on SIM card.

The 5 MP rear camera has a decent user interface. Since it’s a 4.5 inch display, the camera menu looks above average. The resulting images under artificial light were good and would work for most of the users. There’s a 1.3MP front-facing camera as well.

Backed by a 1800mAh battery, the APlus Prime is expected to run for a day since it has no heavy- duty applications to run or push out more number of display pixels. However, this is just our prediction. Stay tuned for our full review, which will be out soon.


The APlus Prime looks impressive from any given angle based on its price tag. You can complain about several features inside the handset but its cost trumps everything. The smartphone would no doubt become successful upon its launch as they have not made any fake promises they have directly started delivering their smartphones which will build trust in the mind of customers unlike of other companies.

It seems APlus Prime is all set to stir the market. The smartphone will also come with one-year warranty period, did you heard Warranty? What else can person expect at this price?

The practically cheapest smartphone of India is launching today..

Here’s another attempt at offering the cheapest possible smartphone in India. Ahmedabad based Aplus technologies has announced an Android-powered smartphone priced at Rs 768 , the smartphone is making a silent entry, unlike Freedom 251’s launch which was a grand affair.

The company has just setup a website ( and is taking pre-orders for the smartphone with a promised delivery time of 10 – 15 days.

The Aplus website asks buyers to book the smartphone via their official  website – Even a real photograph of the phone is available. It appears Aplus is too secretive about its brand and product as it tries to win the confidence of consumers,they have integrated payment gateway on its website unlike Freedom 251 and provided the option of online payment.

    The Aplus Prime smartphone promises a 4-inch screen, 1.2GHz dual-core Cortex A7 processor with 512 MB and 4GB of internal storage which can be expanded up to 32GB. It runs Android KitKat and is powered by a 1,300mAh battery along with a 2MP rear and 0.3 MP front camera. It is a dual SIM 3G smartphone.

     For Rs 768, the smartphone seems like a good deal,but is it for real? This is something to be discovered when deliveries actually start, but as if now things seems to be going well and website also looks promising hope they deliver their commitment.

Why a Tirupati laddu can only be made in India???

The answer for this is GI(Geographical Indication).

What is a geographical indication?

Geographical indication (GI) of goods is a sign used for products that originate either from a particular country or a specific location in a country. Typically these products are manufactured by using traditional knowledge of communities living in these locations and deemed to possess a certain quality be certain quality because of their places of origin.

Examples of geographical indications in India are Darjeeling tea, Mysore sandal soap, Tirupathi laddu, Kashmir pashmina, Goa feni and so on.Cognac (French brandy), scotch (Scottish whiskey), havana (Cuban cigar) and tequila (Mexican liquor) are some examples of international goods that are identified by GIs.

How is a GI different from a trade mark?

Unlike a trademark, which is an identification mark for the company manufacturing a particular good, GI identifies the place of a product’s origin as the quality of the good is linked to the production location rather than the company.

A trademark can be licensed to any other manufacturer operating anywhere in the world. In contrast, GI goods can be produced by any per son or company but have to be manufactured at a particular location with a minimum standard associated with the product.


Are GIs legally enforceable?

The concept of GIs as industrial property linked with particular geographical locations was first formalised after the 1883 Paris convention for the protection of industrial property. Further steps were taken during the 1891 Madrid agreement for repression of false or deceptive indications of sources of goods and the 1958 Lisbon agreement on protection of appellations of origin and international registration of goods.

The final steps on implementation of GIs were taken during the Uruguay round negotiations of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) which resulted in the creation of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).India is a signatory of the WTO enacted Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999, which came into force from September 2003.

What is the process to register goods for GI?

The controller general of patents, design and trademarks is also the registrar of geographical indications. Any association of persons and producers or organisation representing the producer of the concerned goods can apply for registration. The application includes an explanation for how the particular product is linked to a specific location. If the application is accepted, it is advertised in a way prescribed by the registrar.

The registration can be challenged within three months from the date of advertisement. If the registration is not challenged in the prescribed time frame or the registrar has ruled in favour of the original applicant after the challenge, the good is considered to be registered. The registration is valid for 10 years, after which it can be renewed. After the registration, any producer in the location who is fulfilling the required conditions can apply to become an authorized user.Any infringement of the GI is punishable.

The secret behind America’s defeat against tiny Vietnam … !!!

The answer is Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj (The Great Indian King of Marathas)..

Is there a statue of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Vietnam?

The answer is Yes.

There is a Statue of Chathrapati Shivaji Maharaja in Ho Chi Minh City, the Capital of Vietnam.
They installed it as a tribute to the great King of Bharat, who brought the mugals to their knees. During the Vietnam War they used to study the ‘guerrilla war tactics’ from the war-book of Shivaji.

The original write-up below is in Marathi, Translation is as follows:

A small country like Vietnam brought a mighty USA to it’s knees. Then President of Vietnam was asked by reporters, how could they achieve that feat? He replied, “I read the deeds & strategies of a great King, who inspired me to try his war tactics against the US Forces..and the success just followed”.
When asked who was the King, he replied “Chathrapati Shivaji Maharaj”. He further added that “had such a King been born in Vietnam, we would have ruled the world”. After the death of the said Vietnamese President, he had it inscribed on his tombstone, ‘Shivaji Maharaja’s One Mavla, has achieved Samadhi here’. (Since Shivaji’s soldiers belonged to Maval region of Maharashtra, they were called Mavlas)

A few years later the Vietnamese Lady Foreign Minister visited Bharat, and as per SOP she was taken to Red Fort and Gandhi’s Samadhi. She asked where is ‘Shivaji’s Samadhi’? The Govt. officials went into a flutter, and replied that ‘at Raigadh’. She expressed her desire to visit the same. On reaching the ‘Samadhi’ at Raigadh and paying her tributes, she picked up the soil around the ‘Samadhi’ and and put it into her briefcase. When questioned by reporters, she answered,“This soil is of the land of braves.. once I return to Vietnam, I will mix it with the soil of my country, so that brave men like ‘Shivaji’ be born there.”

व्हियेतनाम या लहानग्या देशानं अमेरिका सारख्या बलाढ्य देशाला नमवलं होतं| जवळपास वीस वर्ष चाललेल्या या युद्धात अमेरिका पराजित झाली होती| विजया नंतर व्हियेतनामच्या राष्ट्रध्यक्षाला एका पत्रकाराने एक प्रश्न विचारला साहजिकचं तो युध्द कसे जिंकला हाच असणार अमेरिकेला कसं नमवंल हाच असणार त्यावर दिलेलं हे उत्तर वाचा….. “मुळात अमेरिका बलाढ्य देश मात्र त्याच बलाढ्य देशाला नमवण्यासाठी मी एका महान राजाचं चरित्र वाचलं होतं आणि त्यातून मिळालेल्या प्रेरणेतून मी युद्धनितीचा वापर केला आणि सहज विजय संपादन केला… पुढे पत्रकारानं विचारलं की कोण होता तो महान राजा? मित्रानों जेव्हा मी वाचलं तेव्हा माझी ही छाती चांगलीच फुगली जशी आता तुमची फुगेल.. तर या प्रश्नावर व्हियेतनामचे राष्ट्राध्यक्ष जागेवर उभा राहिले आणि छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराज असं नावं घेतंल| पुढे ते म्हणाले की असा राजा जर आमच्या देशात जन्माला आला असता तर आज आम्ही जगावर राज्य केलं असतं| काही वर्षांनंतर राष्ट्रध्यक्षांचा मृत्यू झाला आणि त्यांनी आपल्या समाधीवर ‘शिवाजी महाराजांचा एक मावळा समाधीस्त झाला’ असं लिहून ठेवलंय…. कालांतराने व्हियेतनामच्या परराष्ट्रमंत्र् यांनी भारतचा दौरा केला ठरलेल्या राजकीय कार्यक्रमानुसार त्यांना लाल किल्ला आणि गांधीजींची समाधी दाखवण्यात आली| मात्र हे दाखवतं असताना त्यांनी शिवाजी महाराजांची समाधी कुठे आहे हे विचारलं| तेव्हा भारतीय सरकार थबकलं आणि रायगड असा उल्लेख केला… परराष्ट्र मंत्री रायगडावर आल्या आणि महाराजांच्या समाधीचं दर्शन घेतलं| समाधीचं दर्शन घेतल्या नंतर रायगडावरची माती उचलली आणि आपल्या बॅगमध्ये भरली यावर पत्रकारांनी या माती मागचं कारण विचारलं त्यावर मंत्री महोदय म्हणाले की, ही माती शुरांची आहे या मातीत महान राजा जन्माला आला हिचं माती मी माझ्या देशाच्या मातीत मिसळणार आहे| जेणे करुन आमच्या देशातही असे शुर पुरुष जन्माला येवोत..

Wanna live your life without any regrets?? Follow these 18 best ways…

Life is a waste if you haven’t really enjoyed living it. Like they say, it’s not the destination that matters, but the journey. Here are some life tips that will make this journey worth a lot more for you!

1. People will always have a lot to say about your life. They will always come up with free advice on how you should be living your life. Listen to everyone but do what you want anyway.

2. Don’t compare yourself with others. They’ve not been brought up the same way, they’ve not had the same experiences as you and so, they’re not the same people as you. Good, bad or ordinary—accept yourself for you who are and know you’re any other person in this world.

3. Make every day count. Forget about what you want to be doing 5 years down the line, live in the present. Stop worrying about tomorrow, start living today. Your life isn’t going to get exciting unless this very moment is!

4. Disappointment is what makes our lives miserable. We’re disappointed in ourselves, in people we know, in life, despite knowing that not everything will happen the way you want it to. Be more accepting towards people. Know that they have their own reasons for being ..

5. Don’t be afraid to let go. Don’t cling on to things and people that you know, deep down, are not going to stay forever. Holding on to them will only make you weaker, and more insecure. People who have to leave will leave no matter how much you try to control them. And those who want to stay will find a way in no matter how much you shut them off.

6. Accept that you’re just a tiny part of this universe and that the world cannot run as you want it to. Stop trying to control people. Let them do what they want to. Live, and let live.

7. Always look for things that make you happy. People may think otherwise, but it is not selfish at all to keep your own happiness a priority. You will never be able to keep anyone else happy unless you’re happy yourself.

8. Be kind and generous. Help people when they need you. Just don’t let their troubles rub off on you. Don’t get so involved in someone else’s problem that it makes you lose your own mental peace.

9. Share your happiness. Celebrate. It simply makes the smallest moments count and reminds you of all that you have to look forward to in life.

10. Don’t complain. It never helps. The more you rant, the worse it makes you feel about your life. Either be the change you want to see in others, or accept the world the way it is.

11. Be open to what others have to say. Be open to changing your opinions and perspectives about things in life. You’ll realize you disagree with most things simply because you’re too resistant to change. Being flexible in your opinion will make you realize there’s no absolute right or wrong in this world – just perspectives.

12. Take out time to do things you genuinely love. Don’t be so caught up in making a career that you lose out on your interests in life.

13. Every once in a while, disconnect with the world and connect with yourself. Sit silently and do nothing. Appreciate life in its calmness. Find beauty in the mundane.

14. Conquer your fears. Set yourself free. Explore all that you’ve been missing out on in life because of that one tiny fear. Go, face the waves!

15. We often seek others’ approval and appreciation all the time. But guess what, nobody can judge you better than yourself. Appreciate yourself. Reward yourself.

16. Stop trying to please everyone. You cannot. The only person you should be pleasing is you. It is high time you stop giving others so much importance in your life.

17. We’re all flawed; it is nothing to be ashamed of. But the world may keep reminding you of it time and again. And the best way to fight back is to learn how to laugh at yourself! The world loses the moment you begin to embrace your imperfections.

18. Spend money if it makes you happy. But spend it on experiences not materialistic pleasures. Instead of buying the latest iPhone, take an unforgettable trip with your best friends! It is moments like these that make the most priceless ..

” 9 things you have to let go to move ahead in life “

Taking a big step in any direction in life is quite daunting, especially if it does not fall into the usual scheme of things and support is hard to come by. Whether it is changing careers or getting married or fulfilling any dreams you might have, there are things you have to let go to move ahead. And here are those 9 things that you need to leave behind if you want to get anywhere.

  1. Procrastination Waiting for the opportune moment to come along for you to get started on a project is the biggest hurdle you can set for yourself. Any moment is a good enough moment to start out if you are actually passionate about it. For instance, why do you have to wait for January 1, or next week, or next month to start a fitness regime? Start today, now!
  2. Fear Of Failure One of the cruelest things holding us back from doing anything in life is the fear of failing in our endeavors. While we obviously listen to our brains, we have to give our hearts a chance too. If you ‘know’ you are going to fail, well, screw it. But if there is a chance you can make it, it is important to let go of all those fears and get started. Nothing ventured, nothing gained
  3. Comfort More often than not, it is our comfort zone that traps us from achieving our potential. Why risk it all in a risky start-up when you have a stable career? Why waste good money travelling when you can save it up for buying a car? They say that life begins outside the comfort zone – and if you have not pushed yourself to the edge, you may never know what all you can achieve
  4. Doubts When you are charting unknown territories, it is natural to have doubts about everything fill your head. What if I am not good enough? What if it is all a big mistake? What if I should have opted for Plan X rather than Plan Y? While it is healthy to have a critical approach to things, giving in to nagging baseless doubts can really kill your spirit.
  5. ShameFor some, starting something new or starting over can be more of an ego-crushing deal – because it means announcing to the world that their current situation is less than satisfactory. It might mean requesting others for help with their new path – material or intellectual. Ego is one of the most underrated demotivators when it comes to this, and is something to be shed to move ahead.
  6. Laziness No pain, no gain, right? If you want to make a change, you are not going to get it all on a platter without rolling your sleeves up for some hard work. Luck will only get you so far; from there it’s pure grit and slogging.
  7. Pleasing People If you want to do something meaningful for yourself, you have to understand that you are your number one priority. As it is, it’s difficult to please everyone all the time – it gets even trickier when you are trying to take a big step in life that does not necessarily fall in with everyone’s plans or ideas. You have to be a little selfish sometimes to move ahead.
  8. Routine If you are the type of person who finds solace in a daily routine, you will have a hard time achieving your potential. You have to let the peaceful monotony go – and be ready to shake up your everyday life, if something new and great is to be achieved.
  9. CriticismFor every person who will motivate you, you will find five others who will criticise your decision, your judgment, and your every move. As long as you can keep your mind open enough to filter it all in through a constructive manner, you can let the haters be and go ahead do your thing.

12 Exciting Reasons To Smile More Every Day..

Benefits of Smiling 

Smiling isn’t just a way to make you look better in pictures — there are many more important benefits to showing those pearly whites.

Before you take our word for it, read how research proves smiling can be good for you:

1. It Can Lower Your Stress Levels

When you smile, you trick your mind into thinking that you’re happy. This can turn off the responses your mind dredges up when it thinks there’s a threat nearby. So the next time you’re stressed out, just smile to ease your anxiety.

2. It Can Make Other People Feel Better

Not only does smiling make you feel better about a situation, but it can make other people feel less stressed too. It turns out smiling is contagious. When you smile, it can make others smile, which leads to lower stress levels all around. So, be sure to say cheese often to create a happy atmosphere.

3. Smiling Can Help You Fight Illness

When you’re not so stressed, your immune system doesn’t work in overdrive to fight the perceived threat, which means it can focus on keeping you healthy. Studies have shown that smiling strengthens the immune system and leads to higher white blood cell counts, which wards off illnesses. It’s just what the doctor ordered!

4. People Will Want to Meet You

Whether you want to make new friends or you want to run a successful business, smiling will make you more approachable. Smiling shows people that you want to speak and interact with them. In a survey for National Smile Month, 80 percent of respondents reported that they would be likely to talk to someone if that person smiled at them.

5. It Can Help You Feel More Comfortable in Social Situations

It’s common to feel awkward in some social situations. You may not know anyone or feel as though you are out of place. Smiling can help you feel better in these situations. When you smile, you feel better about yourself — and more comfortable with your situation.

6. People Will Trust You More

A study by the University of Pittsburgh found that participants trusted people more when they smiled. The next time you are in a situation where you want to make a good first impression, flash that charming smile. You may just notice people warm up to you quicker.

7. You’re Less Likely to Suffer From Sadness

When you smile, you release serotonin. A boost in serotonin is a great mood booster and a natural anti-depressant. The best part? There are no nasty side effects!

8. It Makes You Look More Successful

When you think of someone successful, you probably picture someone confidently smiling. That’s because, according to Lily T. Garcia, DDS, smiling can actuallymake you look more successful.

Think about it: Many people in the business world will flash a smile at a potential or existing client. Why? Because of the happiness and success that smiling hints at. So if you want a smile that screams Hollywood success, avoid anything that could cause it to look less attractive — and make sure you make that smile a big one!

9. It Makes You Look Younger

Researchers have found that smiling can make people look younger. When participants in the study were shown photographs of people who were smiling or not smiling, they underestimated the ages of the smilers. Also, 63 percent of peoplebelieve that those who smile in photographs appear more attractive.

10. Smiling Makes You a More Positive Person

The brain often thinks negatively as a defense mechanism, but that negative thinking only has negative consequences. Smiling can turn that all around. It can retrain your brain to think more positively, to make better decisions and to feel better about life.

11. It Can Boost Productivity

When you’re down in the dumps, it can be difficult to stay motivated to get your work done. However, when you’re smiling, you feel happier, which can improve your productivity.

12. You Can Become More Creative

Just as smiling can boost your mood, it can stir up creativity. Studies show that happier people come up with more ways to solve problems. Physiologically, smiling can lead to feeling happy which releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps with learning, processing information and making decisions.

Smile More!

You don’t have to feel like smiling to smile. Go ahead, do it right now. Start with a small smile, and then turn it into a great big grin.

You may feel weird at first, but if you keep it going for long enough, your mind and body will catch on and you’ll start to feel and think differently while improving your health. Go ahead: Smile more and see how far it really takes you.